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Uncharted: Spanish Gold Coin by robo3687 on Shapeways

This is a game accurate replica of the Spanish Gold Coins that are featured Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. It was sculpted by me from in-game reference using ZBrush.

I got test coins printed in Gold Plated Glossy, White Strong & Flexible and Frosted Ultra Detail. You can find pictures of the GPG and WSF version above, however it was near impossible to get a decent picture of the FUD version. I’ll try and get some painted shots of it soon.

That said the detail on it is on par with the GPG version and definitely a step up on the WSF.

For me though the pick of them all is the Gold Plated Glossy, it came out far far better than I could have ever hoped, the detail is great and it has a really nice weight to it as well. It’s also not really as rough as it looks in the pic, i think it’s just the sunlight picking up the surface a bit.

Hope you like this new item and keep an eye out for more soon.

(Source: robo3687)

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